Conducted a workshop on Linux today.
It was exhausting but the response was good.

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    Where was the workshop ? Looks like India 🤔
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    Topics included
    1. Intro to open source
    2. Unix, Dos, then Linux vs Windows
    3. Terminal commands
    4. Installation including dual booting
    5. Certifications in Linux sys admin
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    Yep, in a co working space in Indore
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    Thanks 😊,
    We used Ubuntu to run terminal commands and afterwards helped them to install their own choice of linux like kali linux and lubuntu
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    @harshmandalgi 😮 nice. Was it by some organisation like LinuxChix or something.
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    @ceee thanks😊 and
    no not by an organization, but me and my friend created a club named hackSocIndore just a week ago, so we organized this workshop as the first event by our club.
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    @harshmandalgi that's really nice ! Good work 😊
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    @ceee yeah, i am glad i did it, thanks again☺️
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    @harshmandalgi by any chance are you associated with those stupid Engineer Babu cult?

    @ceee Indore wale macha rahe hai aajkal. Bahut hulchul hai vaha especially start-up sector me.
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    No i am not, but their office may be the venue for our future events.
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    @Floydian 😮 thats nice !
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    @Floydian Found this... https://hackernoon.com/how-mayank-p... Wondering why you calling them stupid? I would love to be in their position any day!
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    @ajit555 success is not just measured by profits.

    Well, I have connected with them on LinkedIn since the very beginning.

    I have seen them grow. It's not Mayank who made it profitable but someone else and that person is real close friend of mine.

    They are immature morons who don't even know proper English. Have you ever seen Aditi or Mayank's posts?

    All attention seeking crap and no real value.
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    @Floydian yes, I can feel your opinion :) A startup needs a real product or value proposition and it needs additional qualities like marketing, making right noises / connections hire people, funding etc. However, 99% of startups do this minus the real product or value proposition. But who knows, many a time, starting is the most difficult thing and people find the product ideas along the way.
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