My last job in Australia before moving to Japan was where I had my best boss. He was pretty chill about a lot of things and he was also a pilot and DJ in his free time. But he was also the no BS type of guy and would help resolve issues in a quick manner.

Also before moving to Japan, I did consult him about it and he was very supportive about it and encouraged me to do the move as it'd be a good experience for me.

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    Nice, what would you say are some major difference culturally between Japanese bosses and Australian ones?
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    @JKyll It's a little hard to state what some of the cultural differences would be since each company, and the people you work with, can be very different. But I think I would definitely say the one major difference is the distinction that your boss is your boss here in Japan.

    From all the jobs I have worked at in Australia, all my bosses would see themselves as team members first, then as a boss second. So everyone would be on an equal footing, until they need to act like the boss. Japanese culture has the whole seniority system where it's age, not experience, is what really matters. Of course this doesn't apply to all Japanese companies, just some of the more traditional ones.
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