Does anyone know how install Oracle 11g on Fedora 28? I need it for a college class and I had to distro hop just to install the rpms.

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    You better thorw either Windows XP VM or a redhat VM Oracle db leave lots of traces and is a memory hungry software

    I wouldn't dare installing it on my main system just for a class. And I only tried it on Windows XP 4 years ago lol
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    Is it easier to install in Redhat? I keep getting contradicting info.
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    @JohnScott CentOS will suffice since it's made to resemble RHEL.

    Or, you can give Oracle Linux a shot, which is aboutthe same as CentOS.

    P.S. - you can register for a free RedHat subscription which is meant for educational and non commercial development purposes.
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    @theKarlisK centOS might work. But I don't know what "fully qualified hostname" is.

    Edit: will ".Localhost" work?
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    srsly? why not use Docker?
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    @magicMirror I have no clue how that works or that it was even an option.
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    @JohnScott well... you better learn it fast.
    It will solve your problem really really fast.
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    @Torbuntu in this case it might be the situation where Fedora is just too far ahead in package versions. For example, there's deffinetly a noticeable gap in the kernel versions between Fedora and CentOS. Should probably just check the supported OS list/system requirements page.

    @JohnScott unless you're planning to connect the machine to public internet (and even then this shouldn't be an issue), the hostname can be anything really... for example:
    "somegoofyname" "somegoofyname.local"
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    @theKarlisK Thanks dude. 👍
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    @magicMirror Seems cool. But for the sake of my instructor's sanity, I would rather install the full gui.
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    Hi there.

    Are you talking about the dB?

    I would spin up the oracle xe database docker container. We did that for a hackathon as we couldn't install it. Worked like a charm
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    @JohnScott yeah so oracle made it install well on Oracle Linux. Oracle Linux is actually a fork of Redhat Enterprise Linux. The rpms work reasonably interchangeably
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    @justin-tamblyn oh, I thought I remembered something like that... wasn't sure if it was directly based off it or not. I've had some problems in the past but I have to blame it on trying to set up stuff according to implicitlly marked for Centos instructions, not RHEL.
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