Seriously, just how exponentially fucked did this world just become.
I'm pretty sure that this post's format would be more tailored towards devrant.com (well, hereby). But I wanted to vent about it, here, now.
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Just the other day the EU Parliament accepted that widely disapproved copyright directive - article 11 and 13. Despite direct lobbying on our end. And by whom? Not by young, competent parties like the Pirates. No, instead the old fucks from the conservative party had their say, driven by nothing but incompetence and lobbying from label companies.

Then the whole ordeal with the Master/slave issue in Python started. Again met with significant outrage - and again approved while completely ignoring the voices of everyone else. I even ended up making a fork for it at https://github.com/toloveru/cpython. Please star it to show your support for the cause. It is made in response to a denied revert at https://github.com/python/cpython/....

And then we had the issue of Linus Torvalds leaving the Linux project. The single most important person when it comes to Linux.. and he left, just because he admits to be an asshole - something which apparently needs to be changed?! Dude, be a fucking asshole! That's what made the Linux kernel great in the first place!!! Yet even you give in to those SJW cunts?!!

AND THEN... If Linus' disappearance wasn't enough already, core developer at the LLVM project Rafael Avila de Espindola leaves the project as well, because of an influx of SJW's and political correctness.

It started with feminism in the past century. Now it's superiority and pink-/blue-haired warriors going for OUR SUPERIORITY AND UNIQUENESS and being offended by whatever they can possibly get offended with. Fucking cunts they are. You heard that right. FUCKING CUNTS!!! Because yeah, in my house I swear like that. Anyone who doesn't like that can fuck right off.

But what good does my criticism towards all this still serve.. nothing, does it. Those live wires that I've avoided touching for so long.. they suddenly don't feel all that repulsive anymore. Thanks society!

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    Couldn't agree more, at least we can try to keep it out of programming it looks like most developers don't buy into the political bs.
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    Well I guess we still live in a lowkey punk era, where people now need to change everything normal and it gets fucked up..

    While being told how equal we are, yet being white male makes everyone think that you feel superior, that you were born in a manshion and you burn croses instead of barbecue.

    People get offended over hillarious shit like geez, its just a word and you give it a meaning and you choose to be offended. Call yourself whatever you want, but dont get offended if I someday call u like that too. And the censhorship is just hillarious, you want to talk about certain things but avoid it in convo like you were 15 years old trying to buy your first rubbers. 'I want that uhm.. c-word..' You mean a Candy? What the fuck?

    People cant handle stress, so they fall apart like shit shot with a bazooka, cause they are so emotionally undeveloped, that it slams my doors, while they cry cause their fav Celebrity died on overdose, yet they are completlely ok with shit like robbery.. Fuck.
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    One of the wisest people I know once said to me that whether I am offended by something someone else says is my choice and therefore my fault, not the other one's.
    No need to watch what you say. Be bold, despite the idiocy. What will they do, shoot you? With their... Oh wait, they're pro gun control. Stab you? With.... Oh, they're pro knife control. Beat you up? Oh, they're pacifists? Well.... Their decision. Not mine.

    The person who said that to me, by the way, was a range officer in a gun club... And a woman.
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    People are normal and normality is what I fear most.
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    Best thing about the 11/13 discussion: just after the decision was done, the initiator stated that he did not know what is meant in action.

    Roughly translated: "Well, we are surprised that this is in the text and should really talk about this."
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    Apparently it's more important to be nice and shit. But then that all goes out the gutter once you get suspected of wrongthink.
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    perhaps i misread his blog post, but where's the connection between linus and SJWs?
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    @git-gud mostly the whole thing of his asshole replies to bad code that people nonetheless want merged in the kernel. Not really SJW's, rather easily offended people that may be better of polishing their code before considering to make a kernel commit rather than getting all offended over the response.
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    @ilPinguino It's not true, sure if you are offended but casual word it's your problem, but when someone bully you and use words commonly recognised as offended it's still your problem, but his behavior isn't acceptable. Language is set of words connected to abstract idea of things and both speaker and listener have to put effort to communicate correctl.
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    @Omnisus correctly* ☺️
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    Yeah these SJW assholes fucking suck. They want straight white men to become the Jews of the 21st century.

    Interestingly, there's one major scene they tried to infiltrate and failed utterly: heavy metal. Oohhh look, it's provoking, and "society" (read: them) disapproves. Metalheads: yeah GREAT! Because giving a fuck for society and going one's way is the fucking essence of metal.

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    @Condor Thank you for correcting me :) I don't get it, when you make a mistake and could grow to be better person, but instead chose to be offended. Fuck them, sure you could point someone that he is an asshole, but still appreciate his notes on topic.
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    @Omnisus I partly agree with you, you have the right to be offended and any member of society deserves some amount of respect, for the role they play, the things they do and the crafts they master.

    On some other things - most notably the self-censorship in the name of not offending anyone - I don't. It's obviously not OK to just punch / shoot someone in the face, there's laws for that in the entire civilized world. But if someone behaves like an idiot, I'm not gonna tell him he's a special snowflake and go out of my way just to not offend him.

    What is or is not acceptable in a society is for society as a whole to decide - not for some people with colored hair and tumblr accounts.

    I'm gonna leave it at that because I want to respect the no-politics-rule on devrant.
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    @gibsonjareds I fully agree with that. The language change being unnecessary, EU laws being pretty shitty despite it being supposedly a "democracy".. I mean the politicians are public servants, right. But when they don't follow or even listen to the desires of the people anymore, is it really still a democracy?

    Linus' departure to reflect on some behaviors is a good thing, especially when it causes people to refrain from actively contributing to the kernel. When that gets resolved, the kernel could become so much more than it is already... So yeah. Scrutiny and saying "this is shit" about something that's shit is an extremely important feature of the Linux kernel team. Calling people names and insulting them because of it.. perhaps not. You're definitely right in that regard.

    Also, welcome!
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    @Bitkris That is an amazing idea actually :3
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    Didn’t about Rafael leaving the llvm community. ☹️
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    You know that Rafael Avila left the LLVM project in May, don't you?

    Your post implies that this happened now, which is misleading.
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    @bootleg-dev alright, @dfox someone thinks that not having looked up a specific detail makes posts misleading. Could you please edit the post to include this detail? Clearly change is needed here just as much as it was in Python.. but with the 30 minutes edit time I can't do it myself.
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    @Condor unfortunately I don’t have admin functionality to edit rants/comments (for obvious reasons - it’s a bad precedent to set IMO), so I would have to go into the DB which I generally also don’t do unless there’s a major issue.
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    @dfox In that case, please don't worry about it. Personally I don't think that it's a very important detail.. besides, it's a digression from the original idea behind the rant anyway.. it's the recent events and particularly their revelations that got me so depressed. But different minds make for different ideas and interpretations of course.
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    @Condor First of all, I did not say your rant was misleading. If you understood it as that, then I'm sorry, I meant that the specific paragraph/point was misleading in the context of the rant.

    Now you could argue if this is a minor detail or something serious. And the point with Rafael Avila is one of the 4 main points in your rant, so you should at least try to fact check it/make sure it is correct.
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    > I did not say your rant was misleading.
    > Your post implies that this has happened now, which is misleading.

    I'm sure that even you are capable of realizing that something doesn't check out here.
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    @bootleg-dev Look, I'll be frank with you. Call it offensive, I don't give a shit. I don't like you one bit. And for the purpose of getting you to not litter my rants any further, please fuck off.
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    @Condor The "which is misleading" part was only referencing the single paragraph of your rant (Avila leaving LLVM), so again if you understood it wrongly, I'm deeply sorry.
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