4 days to learn JS and Angular.
Any recommendations on books or videos? Thanks!

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    For Angular2+, tutorials from Mosh Hamedani are what helped me the most.
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    I learned react and vue from travesymedia and academind, they have angular tutorial too

    If you’re good with vanilla js then framework shouldn’t be too hard
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    Follow the tutorial on angular.io
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    There's this amazing tutor on Pluralsight. She has the most beautiful and perfect tutor voice I have ever heard - almost perfect that you will wonder if she is a robot, yet it doesn't sound robotic to be annoying to your ears.

    The course is also well structured. I was able to easily pickup angular in few days.
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    Go to angular.io , get your hand dirty with some demo project..get used to the terminology and concepts. That's quite enough to learn the stuff. And then eventually with trial and error , you will be provided in it.
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    Angular.io or tutorilas point will save you !! ( save you, you got it ? .... )
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