Dev team: Using Jira, Trello, other collaborative tools.

Boss: -"Progress?"

Dev team:

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    Do something to automatically send an email with the progress. If he doesn't check his mailbox, send a voicemail using a text-to-speech solution!
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    Create a progress.html which only redirects him to the repective summarizing page of your tools?
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    Other sure if this joke is about
    Boss not knowing how to use the tools or the dev team spent all their time setting up the tools that they forgot to do the actual work
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    @thevariableman it's a true story about the laziness of the development boss to checkout any of the tools we provide him to, among other things, monitor progress.
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    Too damn true. On my most recent project we used CA Rally (puke) for overarching task tracking, and Trello for scrum.

    At the end of the day though...what did we do? We got together and put our tasks in a google sheet because he thought that was easier.

    Damn highest tech task tracking software known to man!
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    LITERALLY our situation too.

    Opinions on Microsoft Team Foundation Server anyone?
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    No collab software is going to work to inform a meathead. Take everything and throw it on a tablet.
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