i posted a question 43 seconds ago. there is no way you can read this whole question in 43 seconds and i already have a -1 downvote on stackoverflow.

i feel like these fucking cunts just downvote out of boredom just because they feel like it

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    I like how someone --'d you lol
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    @EaZyCode lol, I want to upvote this rant but I can't because that -1 sitting there is just too good.
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    @shittywebdev same, saved it now
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    Sometimas they dont even answer 😬
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    The moment is over, but we have the screenshot. Take your ++.
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    Well, if it takes more than 15 seconds to read its obviously to long ;)

    But yes to many obnoxious down voters, and always without an explanation on why.
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    Maybe the title was all they needed.
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    Share the link to the question if you haven't deleted it yet.
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    You can understand in 20 seconds easily that the question is bad. Share the link or stop crying.
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    share the link.
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    Mentality of most StackOverflow users: "If I don't understand your question 'cause I lack the knowledge, I will down vote you for being better. And oh... Fuck you."
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    If your question was as good as your screenshot, no wonder.
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    I remember getting --'d cause my answer wasn't marked for community wiki, something which I couldn't do because my rep wasn't high enough.
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    way i see it - there's no reason to downvote without also flagging. if the question gets closed, fine, the downvote was justified.

    if the question is low effort and doesn't get closed because someone edited it in time, why downvote instead of editing it?

    if you downvote without doing anything else, you're an asshole. either try to make the question better (by requesting more information or editing it), or flag it for moderator intervention.
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    @git-gud right, as a minimum, motivate any down vote so the asking party can improve :)

    Down votes without explanation is worthless, they will not help better the site.
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    Somebody able to decode the avatar? This should be possible, right? 'Reverse-engineering' of algorithm-generated avatars should be fun
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