You know you learned a lot in the last year when you try to change something on a website you made 1 year ago and it is almost impossible.

The code is not well structured. PHP mixed with HTML, functions that should be organized as a class etc.

I really, really, need to refactor the entire site!

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    For php based project, I was reborn when start using MVC.
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    @mk3d I knew this concept from Laravel, but I didn't know that it had a name.

    This is one of the issues we have when we learn all alone, with no contact with other devs.

    But, yes, it changed completely my way to structure the website. :) I just love it!
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    @brunofontes have the exact same situation. And you haven’t to use laravel, you can create your own framework very easly. For exemple, use twig, altorouter, eloquent, and phinx. That’s really change my way to deliver better and simply reusable code.
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    @mk3d I was just thinking about that these days. I didn't want to use laravel on all my projects, so I was thinking about creating a really simple framework with just this basic structure!

    Thanks, it helped! :)
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