Anyone here from Brazil?

If so, please check this out: http://catarse.me/salvavidasapp

For those who aren't, let me explain: I started a crowdfunding project - because I want to make an app tp "prevent suicides".(there isn't one like this here in Brazil)

Why? In 2014 a classmate of mine took her own life. And since then, I had this idea. Since my last job ended (you can read about that in my previous rant...) I now would be able to try to do it.

Long story short, I'm utterly disappointed. Some of my friends helped sharing the news - I myself mailed over 3000 different reporters / news sites - all trying to get people to notice (and hopefully contribute) with the project.

But most of them? They didn't even clicked on the damn link I've sent them.

Almost half of the funding time gone, I only got 476 visits, and 1% of the goal. Out of the 3000 I wrote about, only *4* published a small story - and that was because of a friend, not those emails/forms I sent.

I tried posting everywhere I could on Facebook. Tried on foruns over the internet. Tried twitter, tried several universities (only the one I went helped - and half of the money raised is due to them)... everything I could think of - and nothing.

It's 5:30 AM here, and I can't sleep. I'm devastated.I knew it would be difficult to raise the cash - but not getting the news out and having so few people visiting the page... it hurts.

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    I am not from Brazil, but I am curious how are you going to advice your goal? For me suicide is quite difficult problem which lies deep down in person mindset, enviroment and in biological responses. I just can't figure out how app will help
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    @Omnisus There are a lot of apps in several countries that do this. They have two main goals: first to facilitate contact with family/friends and specially with help centers. For this the app has a screen where you register up to 3 friends to call/message any time, and icons to call, email, chat or list the location of help centers near you.

    The second part, is to allow people to work through their problems: having a diary to register when feeling down (and using such thing to analyse yourself, see possible triggers, etc) - you'll have "safety plans" which you can customize (things to do when feeling down); health tips (like breathing exercises), a picture galery (so people can select images that make them feel better); same with music... relaxing sounds (think 'white noise', rain, ocean, etc).

    Also, there will be a guide for people trying to help others - on what to say or not, etc.

    Its a lot of stuff. But in the end, its a tool and won't replace seeking professional help.
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