Not an angry rant, and not strictly related to code, but I think it's important, nonetheless.

If you've ever considered or been approached by Amazon, please read this short real-life story first and judge for yourself: https://dev.to/voodooattack/...

P.S: I didn't post this here because I needed markdown for formatting. Sorry. :(

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    You could go and tell them what you think about them in person.
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    @vane I didn’t think it would be worth it at the time. I was looking for an alternative cloud hosting solution for the startup I was co-founding because amazon locked my account. 😂
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    @voodooattack I understood you were under pressure but it would be funny, they paid your travel and accommodation and you say:
    I just wanted to say to you fuck you greedy motherfuckers who stole my books.
    That would be more epic 🤣🤣🤣
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    @vane That would have been epic justice.
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    @voodooattack that trick about using old cookie, tell me more!
    It let you to do authorized actions on your account that was locked out?
    Sounds like a gap in their security
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    @amahlaka well, yeah. I couldn’t enter my password and login from desktop or mobile at the time anymore, then I remembered I had logged in via mobile chrome on iOS in the past, and luckily I was still signed in.

    Looks like they don’t flush out your old sessions after locking you out like this.

    It’s not even a normal ban, I believe. Whenever I try to login it says my password is incorrect and lets me reset it, but then when I try the newly set password it gives the same message all over again.

    It was kinda vexing when they acquired Souq.com (our equivalent of Amazon in the Middle East), because they migrated it to their authentication system, and I can no longer use that site too.
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    @DLMousey thanks man!

    Recruiters run algorithms on github profiles that rank and select the best from their target demographic. Then they research those candidates before reaching out to them with emails.

    It’s not a %100 automated process in most cases, and I’m speaking from experience obtained through a correspondence with one.
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