Damn, we seriously need a more professional system to test (the appearance of) our web apps in all browsers.

Also especially the resizing behaviour with flex items & Co.

What do you use for that? It can be a paid solution, if it is not too expensive.

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    Don’t you just test it while deveoping the front end?
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    @electron Yeah and what are your experiences with it?
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    @devTea Yes I do. But on a Mac I can test Internet Explorer & Edge only in a VM which eats up my RAM and thus I do not do it regularly.

    I also have a test pc in the office which I connect remotely to, but sometimes someone else uses it and I also work off site very often.

    I just want to minimise the time needed to do blackbox tests.
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    If the issue is js compatibility you can create different bundles with different Babel targets in your builder that have different browsers in mind, especially internet explorer.

    If the issue is CSS you could try browserStack though I would say that will be time consuming.

    I usually use autoPrefexer and I send a modernizer script for older browsers.

    The problem with manual testing front end apps is that when you find an issue and fix something, you probably broke something else.

    I started having less trouble with cross browsers when I did some research about what usually breaks on other platforms, for example from the top of my head:
    - height 100% inheritance on safari
    - min-height on IE
    - flex on IE
    - object-fit on IE

    When I was using SCSS I used to write some mixins to target IE and Edge and then I would make global mixins for general things and use the browser mixins inside of them to mitigate popular inconsistencies.

    It's been a while since I cared about IE...
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    ... in other words, adjust your code before you go through full browser compatibility manual testing.

    I remember I read about a CI service that sends you screenshots of your app on different browsers, though I don't remember what it was called
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