Deep down, I know that I don't want to get into React just because of Facebook..

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    Listen to that inner voice, it will guide you well.
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    Exactly, maybe not because it was made by Facebook but because it's not under MIT license and by using it, you agree to give up your right to sue facebook :|
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    @Vector Every open source license in existence has a no-sue clause, including MIT.
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    @devios1 I think both @condor and @Joshbent discussed open source lincese on devrant black theme
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    @devios1 open source licenses usually don't make you give up the right to sue people or organizations. However, the licenses do usually put a waiver of responsibility for any losses from using the software, so that the developer is protected and can serve their software as-is on a voluntary basis. Essentially you can't sue the developer because the software fucked up your systems.
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    @Condor I didn't think a license could make you give up your right to sue *other* people. Is it not just between the user and the copyright holder?
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    @devios1 that's the problem with Facebook's license. The React developer is the copyright holder and the users of the React app are the users. The only parties covered should be those. Facebook covering their own asses in it as well is kind of a dirty move. Kind of like PayPal's EULA wherein users can't sue PayPal. Why shouldn't they be able to? If a corporation is shit, it should be possible to call them out as shit, including by legal means.
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    @Condor Yeah I agree. I wasn't aware that they were different entities. Trust me I'm no fan of corporatism.
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    @Condor Wait wait wait. You're not saying that Facebook makes end-users of *other* people's apps agree not to sue Facebook are you? It's just between the developer and Facebook correct?
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    @devios1 I don't think that it binds the users, afaik it's just the developer that can't sue Facebook. Nonetheless shitty and a reason for me to not come anywhere near it.
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    React is nice, though.
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    @devios1 People must agree to a contract before it can apply to them. React doesn't display an agreement, therefore the end-user is not bound.

    It makes sense for Facebook to not be sued for damages arising from use/misuse of its open source code, so I have no issue with that. I do the same with my projects.
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    React? Vue!
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