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    I really wish I could sad react with my real tears here.
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    "it's a feature" 🙃
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    Bugs are code too #allcodematters
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    @mundo03 Perhaps I meant multiple bugs on every line? 🤔
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    @Root still code
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    32 sloc, 42 bugs -> More bugs than code. Did I really need to explain this? 🙄

    I don't understand your tautological statement, either. While bad code is indeed still code, there is no reason to point that out. Just as there is no reason to point out that polluted water is still water: it's bloody obvious, and still doesn't make anyone want to drink it.

    While I'm at it, let's explain everything:
    Many of the files at work, written and rewritten by API Guy, have an average of 2.x linter warnings per line. (As a decent guess, let's say it's ~2.2). Obviously these aren't bugs, but it gives an idea both of the code quality and why I tagged him on this rant. Many of the actual flaws within his code are quite subtle, and are often referenced from multiple places, meaning three flawed lines might be the cause of twelve different bugs. (Another reason I tagged him.) See how this works?
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    @Root yes there is, because all code matters, I even did a hashtag for it.

    Also tl;dr

    I am joking of course, not not reading your long stuff about
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