I just ran a batch rename script in the console. What's so bad about this? I forgot that I had closed the previous console, which caused Win+4 to open a new one at the default location. Which is my home folder.
"Desktop"? Nah, you mean "file4.png". "Downloads"? No, that's "file6.png". "rclonesync-V2-master"? That's "file19.png" now.
Luckily I was able to restore it all, except for one folder, containing unreadable files with names like "data_0". I hope I didn't need that. And luckily it skipped all hidden files and folders.

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    Don't drink and bash!
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    Update two days later: So far everything seems to still be working. But I also haven't rebooted in that time, so that might break something, who knows. I don't think I'll find out this week.
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    Update another two days later: I restarted my computer (not voluntarily, it just turned off while transporting, maybe because of battery) and everything still works. Well, as far as "everything working" goes on Linux.
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