few years back,I wanted to be become supercar designer or weapon designer.

Due low grade in 12th.I got admission in computer science instead of mechanical.

c was introduced in 1st sem.

Score well in first year.

college offer me to change my field cs -> mechanical

4 year later (now)

2 drop's
1) due to health
2) financial issues

happy to be full stack developer.

still like cars and weapons but choosed cs as my real career.

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    So, instead oft designing cars and weapons,
    You now program self-driving cars and terminators.
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    this is beuty of cs.
    We are connected in every field. Either it is biology or rocket science.
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    Hold on
    Low grades in 12th -> got CS instead of Mechanical

    Wut? Doesn't CS always have the highest cutoffs because of all the wankers who want a job out of it but care nothing for the field itself?
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    @RememberMe yup in my region mechanical engg need more % rather than cs.
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    @import-fun I see, interesting. I would have liked to study in your region, then (maybe), because my batch was full of said wankers.
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    education worst in both branch.Maximum people's do engineering just for social symbol. they never do job ortry for IAS.

    my classmate don't know how to dual boot pc. teachers don't know how to shutdown linux machine with terminal.

    this is real situation of maximum 2-tier/3-tier engg clg of india.
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    @import-fun oh lol, I agree, similar situation at my college too.
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    @import-fun agree with social symbol.
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    My parents wanted me to choose mechanical coz it was considered evergreen but I chose cs instead because I liked programming since 10th grade and that was my best decision :)
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    @oztek I was lucky in that manner. mom dad always consider my opinion on over their in education related decision.

    Yup CS was best decision.
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    @import-fun they didn't try to force me either. But we just had different opinion.
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    @oztek I understand

    according to their expeirence. like some one from their friend circle or relative circle,did mechanical engineering so may be they were thinking that mechanical engg degree can make my childs future bright.

    at the end every parents want bright future for their kid.
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    I likewise wanted to work for e.g. the Department of Defense and design interesting weapons and defenses. It sounded like the most fascinating thing I could do.
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    @Root yup
    It is most awesome field.
    One day I will apply current coding skills on that dream weapons
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    @import-fun Less about weapons for me and more about new technologies. Better lasers would allow e.g. easier mining/excavation, surgery, etc. Likewise with particle beams.

    Warp engines would allow for interstellar travel. (More JPL than DoD, but whatever).

    Not to sound too startrekky. But I'm also curious if their concept of forcefields is possible. I've been thinking about that since I was like 5 when I tried connecting a battery to a magnet. 😅

    However, I think the most important field for the foreseeable future is 3d printing. It will be literally everything.
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    @Root 😍😍
    That's interesting topics.
    I made my coin gun when I was 13.

    Recently creating designing related to drone based attack weapons, automation in same weapons and cars,fly car designing,....

    Many more
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