My worst choice was walking out of my first ever job.

The owner of the company was a very kind person and he really liked and appreciated my work, he even gave me a mid level salary straight away even though I was still in college and didn't have any prior experience.

But when I found myself getting so lucky I thought "oh it's so easy to get a job I can get one whenever I want" then I quit the job for college as I didn't want to do both at the same time due to stress.

The funny thing is that when I quit I didn't even focus on college, I just used the money (which was a lot) to go out and buy stuff I don't need and I even failed a course in the next semester after I was one of the top students in school.

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    That is a common mistake that young people do, me too a bunch years ago, I can understand you.

    Maybe you can try to re apply for that job.
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    It's honestly a relief to know I'm not the only one but it still is my biggest mistake so far I think....

    Well the company is small so during my time there I got to know the owner on a personal level and he is a very nice guy, I've tried contacting him but he told me they don't have the capacity for an extra employee (physical space, hardware etc) So it's not that easy.
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    I'm sorry to hear that, but now you have learned something, next time if you have a good job keep it.
    You probably will find another good job in the next years.
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