Left engineering (and my job) for theoretical CS
My best choice in my opinion, although not every body around me shares it.

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    Ey, nice
    What part of theoretical CS?
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    @RememberMe mainly computability theory and logic
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    @beleg ooh, nice! I went fairly far into a similar topic (not officially though, yet), programming language design, farthest I got was a book by Girard on proofs and types, lol, couldn't even finish that
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    @RememberMe great, I'm also a beginner. Imo theoretical computer science is the deepest level that human cognition has reached so far; some notions and their consequences are so wonderful they actually give me chills. But it definitely takes work and a lot of study.
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    @beleg yup agreed. Felt it for the first time in formal languages, the implications of some of that stuff is just mindfuck.
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    @Hubot-0x58 oh, heck no, you misunderstood me, I love the stuff. It's just so friggin complicated at times.
    I actually have Knuth's the Art of Programming and his Concrete Mathematics too, both are amazing books.
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    @Hubot-0x58 try to keep it going and then, when you see the rewards you can't let it go
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