MacBook Usb power is 500mA if I plug an Android and 2000mA for iphone... I hate it, anyone knows if this can be controlled? The usb ampers? Or is another Apple "feature"

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    I don't understand what you mean.-.
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    Plug an iphone and an Android in a MacBook and you will see that Iphone is getting charged 4 times faster. Then check the USB ampers suplied in each port and see that iPhone gets 2000mA while Android gets 500mA, but could get 2000maa without problems
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    @hasu It charges iphones quicker.

    Are you certain it's the mac making the decision? Is there the possibility that android requests less? Unlikely but you never know! Or maybe the minimum a page for lightning is larger than that for micro USB.
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    Apple has it's own protocol (if I remember correctly, just shorting the data lines) to charge iPhones faster. It does make some sense, because some phones are not ready to get more current, and if they do, they probably implement QuickCharge, so plug them in the wall and you canget even more power than 5V/2A.

    (Not an apple fan by any means, quite the opposite tbh)
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