Good idea:
Making your own framework so you have control over it and your projects

Bad idea:
Making your own closed framework rendering Google and SO useless

Context: the company I work for creates their products using their own framework, it works well and allows for things other framework didn't think about, any error coming from it cannot be searched for since it's only used internally.

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    But you can search for it in the codebase right?

    We do the same thing here, not because it’s a good strategy or anything, but because the previous dev preferred to reinvent the wheel rather than learn someone else’s solution. 🙄
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    @devios1 yes I can search the code, this framework they built is pretty good, it aged a bit now but there seem to be discussion about making a new version but since the company is undermanned right now we are gonna have to wait (I would love to work on such a project)
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    @Hallelouia writing frameworks is actually one of my favourite things. 🙂 But I agree it should be open sourced.
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