Just starting with Redux and now I need to learn Sagas at work. Come on! :(

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    Do it 1 by 1, sagas is just like any other middleware, you can use it or not, they still work
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    My colleague uses it while I stick to Redux not sure what advantage it has over redux, I'd be happy if anyone could mention why
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    I don't understand the different between sagas vs thunks.
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    @gitpush @MonkeyParade same here I tried with and without sagas, still no clue what’s the difference
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    @devTea I'm only guessing it is like C# and VB.Net both do the same (almost) but each has it strength and weaknesses, for me I wish React just vanish lol, I'm so in love with Vue + Typescript
    I like React, and I like that it needs too much planning or else we will be facing that re-render hell, but the same project in vue produced less code and less headaches + being able to separate HTML from the component makes it easier to work with front end, at least for me as I'm not a web dev
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    @gitpush yes vue does look cleaner, but there is more request for react at my place

    I read that sagas is there to handle side effect of async request or something like that
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    @devTea Same story here, it is most likely cuz of React Native imo
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