Want to get into mobile dev, as i am pc and android phone user, so getting in android dev would be logical choice. Was thinking of iOS market as well so is/was learning Flutter(Dart). Is it a good choice? Or just stick to android? Let me know your suggestions? Thx for everything ^^

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    Hi there! Mobile development can be quite sucky and fucky!! But rewarding if you have the persistence for it.

    Dart and Flutter are good options...BUT if your app needs to do a tad bit more than consuming a restful API and interacting with it then you might have some issues. It is still a solid choice, since it seems that Google is betting hard on it for their Fushia OS. React Native is also a solid choice which at this time(funny enough) lets you do a bit more.

    All in all, those tools benefit those that know the native side of it a bit better. So please do find the time to get a bit accustomed to the way things are done in native development.

    Mind you, there is a lot to learn, you need to get good with Java, since it is the de facto language for Android even if Kotlin is also an option(which you should learn as well)

    Ios development is all around good and most ios devs don't think of cross platform tools like react or flutter
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    @AleCx04 the reason being that their respective framework does pretty much everything they need in a more sane way.

    Example: apply a shake event on ios and android. The android counterpart is retarded complex. Ios is a mere function......

    So ya! Learn native man and give it some time before you go cross platform. This is my advice tho, you don't have to take it as the ultimate advice. Specially since I am biased against Android development even though i love Android as my daily driver os for mobile interfaces
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    Thx a lot for your reccomendations. I think i sort know where to start and what to do. Thx mate
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