Let's setup my email server again! Found an awesome open source solution which installs it through Ansible.

Now i can't get past a fucking error 😫

Here goes my day :(

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    You know what the best day in my life was? I migrated from Gogs to Gitea and integrated it fully into my existing infrastructue (HTTPS, Sub-URL, Reverse Proxy, same database, and so on) in 4 hours without trying/"debugging" and with all data kept intact. And then I ran the start/install script and everything worked... The best day in my life. Never experienced this again :(
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    @hypervtechnics Awesome haha! Ansible crashes at some point and I can't figure out how to solved that :(
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    @linuxxx What’s the error?Ansible is usually really good at giving you error messages. Tip: if you need to output a variable value to the terminal use the debug module in your playbook. More here:
    $Ansible-doc debug
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