Good tips to move more into PHP OOP?
Been writing procedural PHP for long time - now I need to step it up ASAP.a

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    Apply it in a framework. It helps building consistent and production ready apps.
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    @lucaspar that sounds like the best advice for someone dedicated to php. Writing your own framework tends to be like covering your feet in your own shit.
    Keeps them warm for some time, but gets inconvenient and smelly pretty fast.

    Better use something prepared and refined for you.
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    Not to be sounding, eh, whatever;

    "Just do it"
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    @lucaspar I didn't think you said that, but I did it and paid the price for it ;)

    And the only thing worse than code written in a home-brew-framework ist code written without any structure at all. Once I worked on a non-documented php webshop, which worked close to 100% procedural with tons of includes and carried-over variables.
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    @Sefie got it. That must've been a nightmare. Using a self developed framework for anything that will need maintenance or could be expanded in the future is bad.
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    Learn solid and dry principles and use framework. Also look on some design patterns.
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