I am a student of Computer Science Engineering (Bachelor of Technology). I am 3 years into this 4-year course. I am strong in Data structures and Algorithms, and passionate to add more stuff to this list.

I am really done with this University coursework, and want to explore more (specifically, want to do something that is practical, and matters). I, obviously cannot leave the Uni, but I want to make my time at home more productive. Not just to me, but everyone.

1. I don't know where to start.
2. I teach myself everything, and hence, there is much difference between what I know and what people need, and I'm kind of scared of ruining/wasting other's time.

If there is someone out here who has the time out of his/her busy schedule to guide and set me on a path, please do help me. It's getting weird in my head.

Languages I know: C(took a 1-year course), Python, JavaScript [learning JAVA], Oracle, Visual Basic

Things I have done before:
* Developed a fullstack website for Indian Railways (going live in May 2019) [used Python for back end]

I have a sincere need from within to do this, and I am going to learn whatever more I need to, in order to fulfill your requirements. Please just show me WHAT and from WHERE.

Kindly do get back.

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    Keep on doing small projects or clone an app you though is cool or fun to make
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    How did you pull *Indian Railway* thing off? Is it IRCTC or the related to registration at station?
    Keep it cool man you're in just 3rd year. So you've bit time to think about it. You should know you can't do everything. And after sometime you've decide yourself which technologies/topics/fields you like most and then think of path.
    Right now you've to ask yourself is the web development you need? Or you want to do native also? Or maybe both or none and you want data science as your major skill or it could be machine learning?
    You see there are plenty of doors which leads to a different path and without the name of that door no one can give you a specific advice. It'll be general advice and I think that won't be helpful.

    1- Explore Big Companies Project and Their Implementation
    2- Design Your own way meeting the similar or better functionality
    3- Try to think some ideas (ML would be the best seeing how much it's capable of)
    List goes on. Only you can find out what you want
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    Thanks @shahidcodes . That part which says I need to explore more and find something specific seems really really effective.

    Well, I'm on it from today. Anythings else from anyone?
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