I've just won a wafer of the first generation of STMicro accelerometers! Fuck yes!

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    Won? How?
    Wafer? Not chips?
    How are you going to use it?

    At least you can eat them, i love mine with wipphed cream...
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    @Gregozor2121 it's entirely useless, but cool as all hell! Besides, I don't think STM would give away any good wafers so this one was probably broken way before it spent a decade in my professors cupboard and ended up in my possession.

    But I won it by guessing a number between 1 and 10. Chosen by a classmate. Humans are bad at choosing random numbers, which worked in my advantage
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    Pic or never happened
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    So you won a Microwaver?
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    Fuck... Now something in my backpack broke it.. It was so pretty...
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