So I've learned how to code a little over 2 years ago. I have been at my current job as a full stack developer for just less than 2 years. For my job I work with multiple fortune 500 companies and it is unbelievable the incompetence that almost all the devs that I work with have. I have only been doing this for 2 years and some of the devs I work with will spend months on a ticket that I can do in a few hours. At times I think they just have it figured and do very little work and just chill most of the time and get paid 6 figures to do it.
I just don't understand how these guys have all this experience and they are still bad engineers. They just don't know how to engineer properly. It's so frustrating.
Maybe it's just the people I work with but I have seen on the inside of a lot large corporations and it's terrifying.
Here's to one day opening the doors of my own company and not allowing incompetence to come through the door

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    Dude, your name is testInProd. Nonetheless, I agree.
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    @crapped fair point.
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    Companies write good recommendation letters when desperately trying to get rid of people...can't really trust what's on CV and certificates nowadays...also I've rarely heard people get hired for simply just being able to do a good job, but rather how good people are at selling themselves, hence a new department every sizable company has called "HR" existed only in recent which suppose to filter out the bullshits during hiring processes, too bad HR are dumbfks themselves.
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