has anyone coded something while being drunk? was the experience at least somewhat more productive than normal?

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    @Franboo it came to my mind so i was just wondering. i dont drink alcohol at all so i have no idea how it would feel
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    I tried to reach the ballmer peak and failed, end result: more spaghetti than italy makes in a year
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    no good.
    had to rewrite the crap the drunk me wrote, and then fix all the regressions i introduced in the meantime (because ofc, i did the whole thing with unit tests not running automatically)

    fortunately it was a side project of mine, nothing serious.
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    @SukMikeHok for me it worked correctly but i didnt code anything really, i only wrote ideas i had and what should be a way to implement them on a whiteboard. Really let me create some awesome stuff later...
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    @hube Good joint could do better in your case than alcohol.
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    @arazzz legality is my issue in that case, unfortunately
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    Yes, and no, I wasn't more productive most of the times
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    Nah. Epic fail. 😄
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    Depends on level of drunkenness.
    Im able to code just fine while a little tipsy, but anything past that is pretty pointless.

    If I'm burned out and/or pissed off, being tipsy/drunk helps me not give a crap anymore and still be somewhat productive.
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