One can't have any personal repo and git protocol is disabled by the proxies and we are calling ourselves devops welcoming.
This is simply fuckops.

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    You can always have a local repo on your machine.
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    @Fast-Nop we can only use repo for approved prod projects. And I cannot simply trust the concept of local repo in company workstation. Also sharing code efficiently keeps the momentum going.
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    @sam21s mh yeah sharing won't work, that's right. But on the other hand, I do see the wisdom to block Git on the proxies.
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    @sam21s Btw, they're maybe concerned about "shadow IT", which tends to kick in if you allow uncontrolled development. It starts innocent and benign, just to get something done or automate things.

    Ten years down the road, you have a monster that nobody can maintain, that is not budgeted, and it has become department critical.

    Then it suddenly breaks down due to some update somewhere else that hadn't been tested for compatibility because shadow IT is invisible to compatibility testing.
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    Yeah.. prolly some PCI/DSS compliance thing
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