Do anybody has any contact to jase?

His last rant was very concerning "Bye world!"

A lof of people dont know if he just left devrant, or did something worse...

So if you have any contact to him please help, a lot of people are worried.

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    What it seems like is that Jase has health issues (https://devrant.com/rants/1803982/...)

    I dont know if that’s still the situation but it’s the most likely.

    I am extremely worried to. He stopped responding after a while.

    A good sign is that his account is still present. But it may also be a bad sign
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    It's really concerning... If anyone made contact with him, any news would be appreciated.
    @jase we hope you are okay, buddy!
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    He does this every so often, gets worked up over something and goes dark for a couple of weeks then comes back with a new account.

    I'm sure he's fine, just needs some alone time away from the tech world. It seems to do him a lot of good, comes back refreshed and positive
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