I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why this image wasn't aligning properly until, after 20 minutes, I figured out that it was actually aligned perfectly, my *absolute genius* client just uploaded a picture with a janky white border

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    He could probably not figure out alignment and just said to himself fuck it...
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    @david-hil I just don't understand why... The white garbage around the picture made the whole site look broken. Further inspection revealed that he re-uploaded the same picture 3 times - each time in worse condition. I just....can't anymore.
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    Just be glad it was ONLY 20 minutes
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    I love when these kind of things happen
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    @franga2000 is your name a reference to the _wonderful_ Frankston suburb?
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    Haha, I’ll try that with dev friends, see how long it takes them to figure it out *evil laugh*
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    It's all about whitespace 'xD
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    @brod sorry, I've never heard of it. It's just a nickname from my childhood that I can't seem to get rid of.
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    I think the images looks way too zoomed on mobile, or are the height to high?
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    1) Consider me impressed. What did I forget to blur?

    2) I take it you have a vertical monitor? The image is supposed to take up about half the viewport, but that's just too much on tall screens, so it zooms in to avoid blank space or stretching. It does adjust itself on phones etc., but since "normal people" don't have vertical monitors, I didn't bother adding another special case.
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    Been there done that...
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