looking for suggestions for a self hosted CMS. I tried Ghost, and it looks real nice, but there's no option to have just 1 section be private, you can only make the whole thing private. I tried Drupal but honestly it's just way too complicated for what I need, and doesn't look very aesthetically pleasing.
basically, here's the features I'm looking for:
- ability to set privacy/access control on a per-page or per-section basis
- Markdown for content editing
- ability to use regular HTML when needed
- ability to upload content via an API (so that I can publish documentation via my gitlab CI)

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    Mhh most cms can do what you are looking for...
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    @wiwe2210 Ghost doesn't meet these criteria, Drupal may, but it's way too complicated for what I need, so I didn't put that much time into figuring Drupal out. WordPress is..... just fuck WordPress.... lol. which would you suggest
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    Build a custom system @mjones44
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    @wiwe2210 true that could be a fun project
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