Two weeks into our fresh new Android app my colleague decided to define 1dp dimension unit in dimens.xml:
<dimen name="dimen_1dp">1dp</dimen>

During my code review I asked him if there was no better name for it as it's simply overstating the obvious and does not scale well for other resolutions. He didn't understand what I meant so I said would you then define this for xxdpi
<dimen name="dimen_1dp">4dp</dimen> just because you need more padding on higher density screens?

Then he goes on for 10 minutes how he thought about other names (doesn't say which ones) and still decided to stick with this one.

I politely heard him out and made it abundantly clear that I disagree with that naming (not the value). And I also backed up my point by saying that what he did is exactly the same as defining a color in colors.xml like this:
<color name="color_FFFFFF">#FFFFFF</color>

Then he frowned and said (paraphrasing): Noooooooo, that is so wrong. I would never do that. It's not the same as what I have done.
Then he again started defending his point which probably would have gone for good 10 minutes except I literally bit my tongue and walked away from my desk hoping he wouldn't follow as I was dangerously close to punching him!

Fucking enganeers!!!

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    Reminds me of me working with a friend of mine, we both have strong opinions on a lot of things dev related and always clash, I can't explain how we managed to work together so well tho. I guess we both have open minds.
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    @JKyll You are obviously much bigger person 😊 I have a very low threshold for BS and even lower for lazy ignorant devs that think they can talk their way out of any mistake they make 😊

    Please note that this wasn't an isolated incident but just a cherry on top of many sub-par implementations that I just had no energy to argue with him. This one I remember distinctly because during that cool-off walk I decided to quit.
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