sigh spent whole of yesterday dealing with shitty remote desktop connection, come in today, still shitty...wait what...ahhhhh no way.

*Connect HDMI to monitor and move RDC to monitor* Connection issues gone...ahhh fuck you.

#4KLaptopProblems #WhoKnewThatWasAThing

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    What do you need RDP for if you have ssh(or telnet)
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    @xzvf heh, dont ask questions that would make sense in a normal situation lol.

    Client requires we use VPN from a static IP (i.e. the office so no WFH but need to do early morning support...) to connect to RDP box that gives us access to the databases.

    It's a super pain in the ass and means that everything has to go through this fucking RDP.

    I dont think there's a way to circumvent the RDP but I'm all ears if you can save my time hahah
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    @CodeBane Oh, that sucks...

    What kind of access do you have to the DB server? If you have some control(over the RDP), you could try to reconfigure the DB server.

    If it's RDP, I'll assume the box is running WanBloWs. Then you may be able to enable PowerShell over ssh.

    You could also try to run a simple webserver on the box, which listens for commands, then relays them.
    If you do this, then THINK ABOUT SECURITY!
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    @xzvf nothing, nada, zilch, null. The client has it set up that way, I got no permission for anything and no in the company cares other than me it seems lol.

    Worst part is I don't even have permissions on the database to do sp_who2 or script out jobs but I'm meant to be supporting the database jobs.

    Sigh, if something is running and taking long, how do I debug with no permissions. Asked a couple times, ignored.

    Can I see execution plans? Nope, oh, you gave it to us, only on prod, sigh. So how do I check changes before deployment, sigh. Sigggghhhhh, leaving soon tho, contract terminating cos of them not having enough work. Happy days lol
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