I hate Intellij so much ...
* it has the weirdest bugs
* like window focus not working properly,
weird comment/uncomment short (jumps one line down wtf)
* It is slow as hell
* doesn't compile properly (or doesn't give a shit telling me about its actual status).
* Not even the build log is working properly. Why can I hide WARNs but no INFOs?? WTF
* Panels are all over the place and keep coming back, regardless how often I close them ....

ARG ARG ARG, *smashing face on the keyboard*

and the worst ... even though I have the F***ING ULTIMATE version, it constantly nags me about BUYING THE F***NG ULTIMATE VERSION AAAAAARG

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    Never had problems with jetBrains products... 🤔

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    I've encountered the focus bug, too (especially when switching virtual desktops). I thonk the idea behind this "focus bug" is to let you run your application or another program in the foreground while the ide remains responsive in the background...

    About it beeing slow: What are the alternatives (depending of the required languages of course)? Visual Studio (Code)? Atom? Eclipse?
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    what version you using?
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    @sbiewald well eclipse is slow too 😅hogs 3gb ram, still slow ...
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    @CircuitRCAY the latest ultimate
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    @mojo2012 closing panels? do you mean minify? you can just resize them towards the side/bottom/focussed side and they will stay that small. the only window/panel were i witnessed that was the build log when i compile or the output when i run. very, very unexpected was that ofc. like showing the output when running the programm.
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    @gitreflog no i mean ‚remove them from the sidebar‘
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    @Irithyll Weird, did u never try one if the points I mentioned? Maybe your one if the (lucky) people who‘s brain is able to bypass/ignore inconsistencies and just accept them ...
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    @mojo2012 Ah ...

    So - for me it isn't slow (even on my laptop), it does compile properly and I see what it's doing, the log thing - well ... never touched anything there but maybe the filter function is like "choose what you DON'T want to see"?

    A windows focus problem - Idk ... but the VLC player is somehow like that :P

    To the "buying ultimate nagging": You're working on a linux/unix os? I did never get some of those messages. It's licensed (I'm a student) and yeah ... I'm using ParrotSec OS (whatever - debian-based system).
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    > weird comment/uncomment (jumps one line down)

    YES, I hate this, so much that I created a macro instead to my regular toggle comment Kehinde that toggles the line to commented then moves the cursor up...

    ... but for some reasons, the behavior of the cursor going down one line when commenting doesn't happen in different file type (I think in an XML file, don't quite be in that tho), and my macro is also annoying then

    I hate this!
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    @Irithyll macos. Well, building a SAP hybris application is somewhat challenging (50+ project, 100k classes, mixture of ant, gradle and maven ...
    Regarding the log: it‘s just dumb to be able to hide warnings, but not infos ....
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