Ahhhhhh anyone here use yED? I don't know how i even worked out diagrams before this. For the past couple years this has been my choice diagramming tool <3

Top image is before, bottom is after a single click. I just join boxes and let it work it out at the end. Then obviously do some adjustments to read how I like but seriously makes it easier to trial various layouts. I even make stuff in yED before recreating in something like Visio, if need be.

If anyone got another diagramming tool they like to use, post below (trying to add new stuff to my toolbox lol)

EDIT: Ahh, tried but you can't see the lines after the image gets compressed after upload (and DarkReader on chrome isn't exactly helping :p).

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    I use Dia but this one looks much better. Thanks for sharing it.
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    I've been trying to mess around with Draw.io (https://www.draw.io), but haven't had the time yet.

    PS: Open source for those that like that.
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    @electron never used Dia, might try it out, thanks. yED is good but there's small things that bug me during certain tasks so having other tools is always useful :p.

    I'll be happy if anyone finds it anywhere near as useful as me haha

    @Jilano ooh just looked at Draw.IO, just a small try but the click arrows to draw another box with a line is quite nice, not for all diagrams but definitely beats copy and pasting boxes. Thanks
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    yED the program is just a giant whitepaper for the underlying y-schlagmichtot framework/library

    Edit: I believe they somewhere noted, that yed isnt made for production
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    @CodeBane They do have lots of templates for many different things, but I feel you!
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    I've used it and set all the colors to a solarized dark theme
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    I use plantuml (http://plantuml.com/) for each UML diagram that I have to do.
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    Pretty. Might use sometime in the future. For now i have used drawio tho
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    You want to embed flowcharts or sequence diagrams in markdown? MermaidJS is the perfect tool for you: https://mermaidjs.github.io . Mermaid graphs can be created in every existing text editor and editors like VSCode even offer plugins for Mermaid visualisation. Also GitLab offers Mermaid visualisation in markdown documents.
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    I use it also too bad my works wants me to use the confluence draw.io
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    @elghinn @ruhe Diagram tools that I can code up? Didn't know they existed, awesome. That's opened up all kinds of methods of templating, thanks all, very much appreciated.
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