cHaNgE mY MiNd

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    one BIG switch statment
  • 3
    HNEYMN ????? or cagemid ?????? Or its just me who see hidden message when there ate lowercase letters mixed with big letters randomly ?
  • 7
    @youness no, its switch statements WITH many small switch statements inside, to make the code pretty much unreadable, so it’s easier to call it AI.
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    Your mother is such a big if-statement that it should have been a jump table.
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    In fact I wrote an TicTacToe-AI some days before, and shure it just was a bunch of if-else Conditions. But now our intern can tell his friends in school that he can write AI 😂
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    The universe is a bunch of IF ELSE statements!
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    *sees free coffee*
    Well, in fact there is also something called ternary conditional operator, but I tell you, it's bleeding edge technology.
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