Hey DevRant fam :-) hope everyone is doing very well wherever you may be!, i'm currently on my uni break for roughly 3 or so weeks which is fabulous, now i do not have much experience with finance or crypto-currencies!, but i'd like to do something a bit different.

This is something i'd hope to put onto my portfolio, so my idea is something on the lines of a stock market simulator BUT with Crypto currencies, i've been asking people around uni but no help unfortunately!.

So its very similar to a stock market simulator app if you look at things like "Investopedia Stock market simulator" its very much the same concept. The user has x amount of USD or AUD (as an example) and they can buy BTC or Ripple and it either goes up in price or down :-).

So guys that's something id like to create :D i definitely know its difficult and i'm not so sure on how to start :-). If its possible to get some advice on how to start i'd greatly appreciate it!.

Hope you have a wonderful day/night where-ever you are!

(I apologize for rambling on)
Milo :-)

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