That thing, when you're in the first two days at a new contract, when you don't have access to anything and everyone keeps asking "what are you working on"?


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    Hahahahahaha i know the feeling. Im nearly into the final month of my 3 month contract and still waiting for work xD
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    @CodeBane where was this? Are they in need of lazy devs?
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    I'm working on myself 😎
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    @JKyll I'm "setting up my new Mac". You know, because it def takes two days to get prettier and es-lint working together nicely...
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    Same situation. I started today and hat no access to anything till 12. And now I have access but nobody knows which team I am working with
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    @Jamadan and that's exactly what I did today
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    @Jamadan hahaha they don't even need me, got excited thinking they were gonna terminate my contract cos all I do is WhatsApp and devRant all day lol.

    Had the discussion, said I don't need to serve notice, was all good, let's check with Mr dev if he needs anything before you go....stay because I fixed bug and should see it through (I turned > to >=) . Email on weekend, they maybe have work so wait a little bit.. They better give me work soon or....well I'm not gonna incriminate myself....it's that serious 😒

    I'd leave if guaranteed money now at this time of year, wasn't better than trying to secure future money. If the fates decide it tho, can't complain lol #PrayForTermination 🙏🏾
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