Why are more games or media platforms not encouraging the use of similar account naming conventions to Blizzards launcher or Discord.

The way you can have a name# with a 4 digit code pretty much gives you the ability to have 10k users with the same account name but still be unique.

Just tried PokeMMO which has been around since about 2010 I believe? Not only is their system shit with a 3 char limit and the inability to delete characters, but the game is so fucking old that I literally spent between 30-60 mins looking for a variation of my name that was both likable and available.

I've never designed a naming system like discords before, but surely its a better alternative to this shit?

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    At that point I'd ask myself: why even bother with names? Give everyone a UUID.
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    @Polarina isn't like there aren't any IDs internal. But names are for the humans! I don't want to enter 16digits to add a friend to my list and then to identify them through that. Names are needed.
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