so the jokers at my office facilities bought in an expensive coffee machine which has it's dedicated iPad that doesn't have any options for my fu*** latte

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    First world problems
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    so you mean it can't make latte, or you can't customize it?
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    @CoffeeNcode My favorite quote (by Pablos Holman, TEDxMidwest):
    A regular person, looking at a device, asks "what can it do?"
    A hacker looks at it and asks "what can I MAKE it do?"
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    no input for milk or a frother.. milk lives in a separated fridge, cold af
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    i reckon that's how the Brits drink 'em
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    Drink tea tea tea and stay sharp 😎😎
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    @noms89 that's not an option for coffee folks :p
    we have a frother attached to our machine, but noone ever really uses it. So I mostly drink my coffee black with sugar
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