Windows, why are you like this?

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    windows wants to be special
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    Windows actually supports forward slash too.
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    Its not Unix based OS, there's no need to unify the syntax
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    It's because DOS 1.0 didn't have directories, and IBM wrote most of the tools, and these fuckers decided to use / as command switch. When DOS 2.0 introduced directories, IBM wanted to keep their tools as is, and MS had to think of something other than / for directories, so they used \. Afterwards, they couldn't change that without breaking tons of applications.
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    Why should be the fornat choosed from unix and not the one choosed from windows the right one?
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    @brayyy ah just for this
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    Well, windows works with both, but Linux and mac only with forward slashes 🙃
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    Scary Tux head 😫
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    Same could be said for Unix...!
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    Now I can't get the TV/radio ads out of my head where they say backslash and mean forward slash for URLs.

    Also should mention it makes string literals suck.

    rm -rf "C:\\Windows\\System32"
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    Windows isn't a DOS based OS since the year 2000!
    It has had POSIX compliance since NT4, which is why Ubuntu on Windows works... There is no real reason left for it to use the wrong slash
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    @ThomasRedstone once again why this is the WRONG slash and not the other one?
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    It's wrong because it stands alone, the internet is the other, Linux, Unix MacOS, and many many others.
    It would be really handy for there to be one true directory separator, as it is a really shitty thing to have to reengineer in an application for multi OS support.
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    @ThomasRedstone you could say that it's wrong if it was created after internet, macos, linux and unix... Not before or at same time
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    This is like the metric vs imperial measurement argument. Just because imperial came first doesn’t make it better or right. Most eventually agreed that metric is best, and then there is America/Windows not getting with the program.

    Also, as @Krokoklemme pointed out, Windows now at least partially supports forward slashes. To me, that sounds like half-admitting that backslashes are going away in time.
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    @sudo-rm-rf I think computers should use UTC everywhere and only convert it to localtime when presenting to the user.
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