Stats says when I was typing this meme, two new js libraries were released

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    I‘m a simple man. I see js bashing, I click ++
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    Sad but true
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    almost any program written in most of programming language looks like the first picture (not all and no only unix ones)
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    Aww... mean...

    But honestly, I am completely out of the loop js-wise these days, is it really that bad?
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    30 months equates to 2,5 years. I fail to see the joke here, because if you look at Node.js 2,5 years ago (This mainly affects Node) and Node.js today, they're totally different beasts. Node as a runtime, and to some extent JS itself, moves rather quickly.
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    @Yamakuzure bad is a compliment 🙂
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    @Yamakuzure no. But bashing it gives you ++ here.
    Also guys stop hating on free packages. If you don't wanna use them don't use them.
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    That's just survivor bias
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    Writing in latin vs living language.
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    @Orek Carissime. Iocus est in te. Quia tu es iniuriam.
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