Have you experienced solving a programming problem for hours, and when you finally got it, you just stare at your monitor and admire your code?

You just sit there smiling and thinking to yourself, finally you did something right. ehehehehehe

Happy Sunday buddies!

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    @snaz hehehe yeah. if everythings going fine, you know somethings not right. hehehe
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    Yes. It's beautiful. 😊
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    Hours. :-)

    Longest taken me so far is 10 years to solve a programming problem.

    Currently working on one that is 30 years old !

    Found one of the issues was hardware related..
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    @Nanos wow that's a long time.
    That must be frustrating!
    I am glad you finally solved it. :)
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    Well, I finally found the answer !

    It would have been nicer to have solved it myself, but I didn't know how to classify the problem.

    Nowadays, I could cheat and build a lookup table.

    And I find out years later, how others solved the problem by also cheating and avoiding it. :-)

    Ever wondered why the 3D models in Elite only had convex shapes..

    Also nowadays, there are more places to ask, though not necessarily more people who know the answers !

    For example, imagine an x and y grid, a point on the grid.

    Now plot two other points, in a clockwise direction from that first point.

    Is there a simple uncomplicated solution to determine if those two points are being placed in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction ?

    Problems are never frustating, only problems. :-)

    Probably a book someplace called "Zen & the art of problem solving.."
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