My patience limits are huge but our product manager seems that likes to stretch them.

You piece of fuckin shit. You ask for feature A and we agree on the way we will do it. Good. Half way you want to change it's behavior.
Fine, i accept that. Let's move on.
I'm close to finish it and you come and say let's add more on that feature and make it more complicated. I can't say anything, just fine and let me work on it.
Then you and the senior dev that "helps" us don't come to 2 meetings and just communicate via emails.
And then, then you fuckin scums tell me that is unacceptable that i haven't finished it and it doesn't work?
I used my uni time and missed lessons to work on your shitty feature and that you just yell at me?
What about comming to the fuckin meetings so we can discuss what problems occured and how i can overcome them, you sucker?

Just because our boss complained to you that the product is late because of you, that doesn't give you the right to yell at me, you piece of shit.

And the next time you tell me that you pulled the repository and it doesn't work while it does on everyone else i will come and shove your laptop up to your ass.

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    that's some grade A asshole behavior right there from them. Have an upvote for a glorious rant - and get yourself a drink 🍷
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    Two tipps for the future: have the client sign your design or at least have them confirm it by mail. Same goes for features and if you give a time estimate allways note, that it's only an estimate to the best of your knowledge with the information provided by them. If there's a change request, let them know, that you do have an agreed upon scope and if they wish to change it, you'd be happy to, but also give them a new estimate which they'll have to confirm. Or in other words: papertrail.

    To erase "it work/doesn't work on my machime" use something like docker or vagrant for your dev env. Have your client give you a docker/vagrant file, if they know what it is, to match their prod and let them know if they are unable to do that, you'll use your own, with common settings/packages, that you expect to be on their prod env. In other words, specify in what env your app will work. If it's somethimg web based, define in what browsers it will work. A good starting point IMO is to limit it to briwsers which havent reached their EOL and whos marketshare is > X% (ex. > 5%) according to your metric of choice (ex. Can I Use)

    Good luck! <3
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