I am so BORED!

Like, seriously.... so so bored... work isn’t fun anymore... I don’t do any fun coding anymore...

Meh 😔

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    I guess work has never been really fun for plumbers, electricians, road workers, cashiers, cleaning staff.

    That's why employers pay MONEY to find someone who does the work even if it isn't funny.
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    That‘s why a started my own little hobbie project spot-next.io

    Work is boring, I can‘t really learn any new stuff. But everything else is just too good.

    Once spot is reasy for primetime I‘m planning to found a startup though
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    @davenall I’ve only just come back from a week off too 😂 I think it’s deeper than just taking a holiday tbh, I think I need to leave, I don’t agree with the vision of the company anymore and what my part is in that

    @Fast-Nop I agree, but the majority of people go in to computer science / IT because they find it enjoyable and have an interest in technology. I’m just saying that the fun part of my job has gone and I’m not doing what I want to do anymore

    @mojo2012 some friends and I are planning the same 😊 hopefully it all pays off
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    @Fast-Nop you missed those of us who have common sense and are not lucky enough to work for one of the 5% of companies that aren't filled with idiots lol.

    That or you're actually shit-shoveller with PTSD who devRants between turds ;).
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    @CodeBane @Tayza Well it's just that my fun is buyable. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop Electricians and plumbers have all kinds of fun. I don't know about the other jobs, but these two are really rewarding and you get to meet some interesting poeople along the way.
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    @Schroedinbug yeah, total fun when you have to go to a construction place and pull in the cabling while the heating still isn't there and it isn't nice summer.

    Plumber is also fun, getting other people's shit out of their toilet and/or get the cracked old tubes out, everything stinking like hell.
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    @davenall I do all of my tasks because I’m supposed to do it too. Doesn’t mean I can’t be annoyed or upset that my job role has changed so significantly that where I used to enjoy doing my job that I no longer enjoy it. I guess I’m just one of those lucky people that generally enjoys what they do (or at least I certainly used to).
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    @Fast-Nop Both jobs have their bad times, but there are also a lot of fun ones. T wouldn't give up those past experiences for just about any amount of money at this point.
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