Ended up with 16.04 and 18.04 ubuntu in dual boot. (see last rant).
Fixed graphics issues on 18.04. The fix envolved setting stuff in grub. Ok.
Now we apparently need 16.04 again and can kich the 18.04.
np. Let me just boot my 16.04
oh look who has graphics issues now!
It boiled down to the grub settings. so Depending on if I need 18.04 or 16.04 I need to fiddle with grub. great.
And now we don't neet 18.04 at all. So I tried to do something not in the last minute once, and it backfired completly. Wasted 5h on this shit this week. Fk this.

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    Are you doing this because of ROS?
    Just curious what kind of tools your project needs to be so sensitive to the distro.
    (I understand official support is a thing, but anyway).
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    @RememberMe the institute has self build tools ^^ therefore, unless everyone in the group decides to upgrade, it won't happen.

    Also the manufacturer of that one robot didn't release an update for 18.04 yet.

    and what's sensitive to the version is apperently also my laptops hardware <.<
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