Guys what are your thoughts on Pop!_OS by System 76? I'm thinking about switching, but I'm reluctant about it in fear of driver and stability issues.


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    I used it for a while, it was pretty stable and good looking. Ended up going back to manjaro for some reason I don't remember.
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    Great! So which DE, KDE or GNOME? 😅
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    It has got a great UI ane is highly stable... Have been using it for over six months now... Give it a try😎😎👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻
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    @MEGADROID the LTS Gnome version is the one I saw in the main page... Didn't find of the others. Idk if they even exist...
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    I got my galago with pop but I had problems with wifi, Bluetooth, sound, and display. It's just too new.
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