Hey guys I have a NUC and a spare monitor are there "fancy screensavers" that I could modify if needed ? Or should I do one myself haha

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    I use a blue screen image as screensaver ... also practical if you are too lazy to work ;P
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    @Asbetha my goal was to have useful infos such as the hour + weather & stuff in a fancy way so that I could let this monitor be up 24/7
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    @Asbetha There's a Sysinternals utility for that, y'know. It simulates a bluescreen with real data from your PC, and simulates a real reboot (it checks your BIOS maker too) and a checkdisk. The catch is that it can only simulate Vista and lower. It gets the data fine even on 10, but graphically it still looks like Vista.
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    Simplest WM with Conky?
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    @wupewu nice idea !
    But i thought there would be lightweight self hosted web app manageable via a conf file or something lol

    I guess I'll do it myself
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