That moment when you realize that your head looks like an ice-cream cone from the side...

I was in a long meeting when I looked at my little picture and then it dawned on me...

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    LOL... look closely and you can see a "hand" holding the ice-cream.

    ...somebody pointed out to me that if you imagine that it's a chocolate ice-cream with a chocolate cone - it looks like somebody is holding it with their hand. I love it.
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    Have my ++ bearded brother.
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    @karasube lol, thanks!

    When people ask me how I grow such a large full beard, I say “it gets a little longer with each bash command I execute”.

    ... but between you and me - it’s really every new bash or vim command/trick I learn.
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    @jeremyIglehart I get it :).

    I'm the only one not using vscode at my job (I use spacemacs). They call me "daddy beard".

    Or when they have an issue they scream "beard alert" & "need a beard over here".

    I fuel the sterotype everytime I teach something in the terminal "do you feel it? It's growing...".

    Good times.
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    @karasube lol, I’m going to fork you idea- that’s fantastic! Hahaha

    And it’s good to meet my evil twin brother... hello spacemacs brother.
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