"Dear Team,
This is to inform you that due to the workload of Diwali 10th Nov would be working a half day

So the 10th Nov holiday would be shuffle to 17th Nov 2018 (i.e. Saturday)

Note:- Those team member taking leave on 10th Nov it would calculate 5 days of leave."

Got this mail -_-

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    Currently calculating 5 days of leave...
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    Burst some crackers in the office. Next time they know you are serious about Diwali
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    Well at least it'll be holiday at 7th
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    "atleast" :( feeling sad for you

    I have holiday on 7,8,9 but i have to cancle my plan's because that 10th's half day.
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    @import-fun I think that what your boss is doing is not even legal.

    I mean, I don't know how it works in your country, but here when it is an holiday fixed by government (like Christmas, 1st January, ...), enterprise couldn't force their employees to work.
    And the bullshits of "it will count as 5 days" is even worse, bad enough to get a really expensive fine.
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    According to labor laws in many countries, the management cannot restrict employees from taking leave. The 5 days of leave is total bullshit. Options for you.
    1. Complain at appropriate government forum.
    2. Take an intentional leave just to irritate them.
    3. Show your middle finger and leave the company.
    There should be absolute intolerance for such treatment.
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    @taglia it's the same in the OP's country. But companies even ask their employees to work on the Independence day, cause their customers/counter parts in Europe/US are working.
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    Which company is this. No need to name it, a hint would be good. If my guess is correct one of the big services companies?
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    @bpaul Big service companies won't do this. Because managers won't have power to consider one full week as leave. As there will be so many processes in place, they can't do this.
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